Our Story

Bollywood Grill Indian Kitchen

We have over 20 years of experience in Food industry. The restaurant became an instant success and developed a strong following, attracting celebrities and people of high influence. Bollywoodgrillri's taste and hospitality, alongside its establishment's impeccable fare, is credited with the restaurant's continued success. .

Our authentic cooking takes time and effort. All our dishes are cooked fresh to order. It takes approximately half an hour to prepare an order. Our food is exotically delicious and the flavor demonstrates the freshness. We do not use animal fat, MSG or preservatives. All of our meats are lean and fresh. All oils used contain 0% cholesterol. In other words, you are enjoying a very unique, tasty and healthy meal. Thank you for your valued support

  •  Wide space available for 30-80 guests for get to gathers on kitty party, baby shower, bday's and all other occasions
  •  100 inches wide screen available for watching live matches and other programs
  •  Step outside and explore our picks for the best outdoor restaurants
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